Rock Creek Whiskey Move In Gift

Westlight | August 30, 2018

We believe in celebrating life to the fullest and of course, appreciating the finer things. An artfully-crafted experience goes far beyond paintings and sculptures, although we have plenty of those to gaze at as well. To be fully immersed in a creative life, one needs to take time to notice all the art forms that exist, as well as the moments that occur because of them.

Upon moving into your gorgeous new home at Apartments at Westlight, you will be greeted with a one of kind move in gift to welcome you to your new artfully-crafted life. On your sleek new counter will be two tumbler glasses and a bottle of Rock Creek Rye Whiskey to celebrate this new chapter of your life in the West End. We sat down with the team at One Eight Distilling, who crafts this special whiskey, to learn about the history behind this particular brand of Whiskey and what make it so unique. And just like Apartments at Westlight’s diverse and sophisticated residents, the One Eight Distilling team explains that their whiskey is anything but typical.

Rock Creek Whiskey is a quintessential Washingtonian drink, as it was the first whiskey to be distilled, aged and bottled right here in DC since before Prohibition. The distilling team uses a Maryland style rye with a special twist: a high malted rye mashbill that gives the whiskey its signature smooth and rich flavor. Just like our philosophy on a life that is artfully-crafted, One Eight Distilling believes in pouring an unwavering excellence into each batch of whiskey with their label attached to it. Their standards are high in order to maintain the flavor profile that consumers have come to expect – right from the grains to the bottle.  When talking about the special attention to detail their team takes with each batch of whiskey, they explained, “Sourcing is the foundation of our ethos so we get our grains exclusively from organic local farms or farms using organic farming practices; this allows us to create flavor profiles that focus on our mid-Atlantic terroir. From there we maintain the integrity of the grain by mashing, fermenting and distilling in small batches, aging for at least two years in new American oak barrels and bottling in premium French bottles.” From the organic grains they select, to the American Oak barrels used for aging, all the way to the premium smooth glass French bottles that the whiskey ends up in, excellence is practiced at every step.

This whiskey is symbolic of the rich and diverse history of Washington, DC. The name Rock Creek whiskey connects us to the park and nature in our city. The team explains that before Rock Creek was a National Park, it was populated by farms, mills, and a small distillery in the 18th century. This whiskey pays homage to all that existed before as well as putting down roots in history as an enduring part of our city’s culture.

Our hope is that when you move in, this small yet significant gift will set the tone for the days to come while calling Apartments at Westlight home. Valuing quality, craftsmanship, and an appreciation for an artfully-crafted experience will always be part of our everyday lifestyle.

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