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Lifestyle | March 19, 2019

Living in a luxury apartment in Washington, D.C.’s West End comes with a lifestyle reimagined for optimal well-being. Self-care has become a trending discussion, and we believe that the benefits of taking time out of an eventful day to focus on you is an essential part of living an artfully crafted life. Therefore, we’ve set a guide for living a wellness-filled life in the West End.

Take Care Shop 

1338 Wisconsin Ave NW

This blissful shop is dedicated to one thing: making you feel like the best version of yourself. Take Care offers everything from a wide variety of plant-based skincare products to wellness events to aromatherapy techniques and even a new co-working space. Whether you’re looking for a new mindful addition to your beauty routine or simply a community of other like-minded wellness seekers, Take Care is there for you (and within walking distance from the Apartments at Westlight.)

Soul Cycle

2301 M St NW

The lovely thing about this class is that it is equally tough as it is cathartic. Lights are low, music is encouraging, and your instructor is abundant in positive affirmations. Soul Cycle is all about reaching your physical fitness goals by pushing through mental blocks and using others around you as motivation to keep cycling. The studio is just down the street from the Apartments at Westlight.

Varnish Lane

1201 24thSt NW

Having well-manicured nails and toes adds an extra lift to any outfit. Varnish Lane is an incredibly relaxing nail salon that offers waterless manicures. No water means extra-moisturized hands and feet, as the team uses luxurious oils and butters to soften without waterlogging the skin. Head there for an afternoon of self-care in an aesthetically-pleasing environment. 

Yoga District

1922 I St NW

Yoga is beautiful way to connect with yourself and release muscle tension in your body. Yoga District’s studio in the West End offers a variety of classes for every level of experience. Whether you want a relaxing way to unwind at the end of a busy day or an outlet to challenge your body with difficult poses, this studio has an option for you.

FRESHFARM Foggy Bottom 

901 23rd St NW 

Having access to fresh, local, and organic foods is an essential part of some individuals’ wellness routines. Beginning on April 4, FRESHFARM’s farmers market is back in their Foggy Bottom location bringing you delicious foods that may become the ultimate source for creating your favorite recipes.

No matter what your idea of wellness may be, the West End has an option to support your routine. From personalized skincare and waterless manicures to healthy eating and guided stretching, self-care in the West End is only steps away.

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