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Westlight | August 7, 2018

Where Art & Light Collide

The Apartments at Westlight were built and designed around the idea of a life immersed in light and art. The experience begins the moment you step through the doors into our dynamic and bold lobby to discover a stunning, standout sculpture from legendary artist Ingo Maurer.  Beyond the lobby, you’ll discover décor with considerable virtuosity that brings light and vibrancy into the space at every turn. In the communal areas, residents will discover hand selected pieces of art by renowned design agency, ASH NYC, carefully selected to reflect Westlight’s modern atmosphere. The cultured sophistication and dynamic elevation are evidenced through the stunning pieces displayed throughout the property. We sat down with developer Anthony Lanier and Andrew Bowen and Leah Wu of ASH NYC to hear their inspiration for the building’s art and design.

The Lobby

When first entering the artfully-crafted building, a vibrant suspension lamp steals the viewers’ attention with electric red hues and comic book characters standing out against the sleek, clean lobby design. Aptly titled, “Comic Explosion” was createdby Ingo Maurer, and referred to as the “Picasso of lighting” by Westlight’s developer, Anthony Lanier “To me, Ingo Maurer is a glamorous figure with an interesting philosophy that was focused into a lifelong fascination into the area of lighting,” says Lanier. In my dreams, I would have liked to build a building around the phenomena of light and thus, lighting – in today’s reality, this dream was reduced to the two lobbies of the aptly named ‘Westlight’ complex.”


The Model Residence

Westlight’s model residence, which has been beautifully staged and inspired to complement the tone of the building, has a neutral palette while incorporating bold pieces. The staging team from ASH NYC explains that “the interiors of Westlight have a clean and bright finish. To honor the design, we chose an overall neutral and serene palette, to ensure a contemporary yet inviting design. This is reflected in the choice of art pieces. All the pieces in public spaces are chosen to complement the existing furniture and architecture itself.” The curated mix of fabrics, time-periods, and representations chosen to create a seamless and intriguing aesthetic experience.

Upon stepping into the light-filled apartment home,  you’ll be greeted by a set of paintings in thefoyer hallway inspired by Gilou Brillant.  Each painting crafts a stunning first impression with their molten-lava-like forms. As you make your way into the airy kitchen and sophisticated living space, you’ll see a printillustration of Le Corbusier Notre Dame du Haut drawn by Edition Lidiarte, and custom colored by Susanne Mocka. The illustration is simple and light, its subject iconic, offering balance to the large canvases throughout the rest of the space.


The apartment’s alluring living space highlights a Paul Edmondson piece that sits above the credenza, creating a simple yet impactful feel that ties the other decorative and interior components together. Behind the sofa is a custom canvas commissioned by ASH and inspired by Gilou Brillant’s etchings that perfectly complements the cool tones in the space. The ASH NYC team notes that “with a similar color story to the Edmondson photography, this canvas completes the living room with its textured and considered composition.”


Making your way to the dreamy and light-filled master bedroom you’ll be in awe of the canvas above the bed inspired by Agnes Martin. The ASH NYC team explains that “the ivories and creams incorporated in the airy interior design are complemented by the colors on the canvas.”


Walking down the hall you’ll step into the second bedroom that is staged to function as a teenager’s room or guestroom. The team from ASH NYC notes “the art work is much bolder and more playful, chosen as a component of the bright, black and white palette.” Above the bed is an eye-catching set of prints from Henri Matisse’s Nadia series. The artwork is bold and works in union with the Al Held- inspired canvas hung adjacent to a sleek desk.


The Rooftop Lounge

Stepping off the elevators to the penthouse level lounge, residents are met with two large canvases inspired by Sol Lewitt. The lounge is abundant with floor to ceiling windows, concrete floors, and an exposed ceiling giving an industrial feel. A pop of bold red complements the minimalist finishes and gray scale of colors in this industrial-chic space. 


The Apartments at Westlight will inspire you, leave you in awe, all while feeling like home. The building is unique and will fill you with a sense of wonder and fasciation. From the development team to the interior designers, the staging and design at The Apartments at Westlight were carefully curated to create an “urban canvas” filled with light and art for residents to enjoy.

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